Microsoft buys LinkedIn


Microsoft buys LinkedIN

We still have to hear the full explanation as to why Microsoft chief Satya Nadella believes that his $26bn takeover of LinkedIN will prove a good deal. But this master of inane meaningless corporate speak talked about..........

So far, what I've learned about the LinkedIn team is how much our cultures share many of the same attributes. We both care deeply about individual and collective growth, and find deep meaning in the work we do to make a difference in our world. Together we'll do just that.

What we do know is that Microsoft, great company that it is, has not exactly been the best acquirer of businesses - the Minecraft developer still has time top play out, but remember Nokia (when was the last time you saw someone with a Windows phone) or Skype. Cheap money thanks to QE is having all sorts of unintended consequences, one of which is an excess of buybacks, and another is a frothy acquisituion market.

What I would like to ask Satya Nadella is if he will teach LinkedIN  how to set up a help desk. I emailed them several weeks ago as my LinkedIN app on my Iphone has not worked for about three months now. It still doesn't work and I am still waiting for an answer. Hence I thought I would email this article to my 1000+ connections and see if that worked; one thing is certain, any company which is this bad at serving its customers will struggle to grow, and that might be a problem on a 50+ multiple. Still what's $26bn to a $400bn company?