EPL 2012 Report Launch

Had a great response to the launch of our Premier Lague 2012 Report. It's a massive development from the propotype, thanks to a great effort from the whole BTBS team, and a particular thanks to Alastair. We have added an intensive analysis of the Financial Fair Play rules, including how clubs might get round the rules, which clubs pass the tests (only 4 Premier League clubs pass all the tests in our simulation, so goodness knows how long it will take UEFA to go through this process), and some recommendations as to how we think the rules could usefully be adapted.

We have also added a section on some of the research for our CLSA Investor Forum presentation, looking at how Premier League clubs have managed to lose £1.2bn in 10 years buying and selling players - this is an astonishing number and the financially astute clubs made a profit, so it's not necessary to lose money.

The response has been brilliant - we were featured in the Sunday Times, I interviewed on Talksport Radio, and I had a most enjoyable interview with Evan Davis on the Today programme on Radio 4. I approached this with some trepidation, remembering some difficult interviews with John Humphries when I was a sell-side analyst, but Evan could not have been nicer, and in fact the phone interview with the two TalkSport DJs was more difficult. I am also appearing on regional ITV news and hopefully we shall attract some other coverage.