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Google searches on football clubs

We thought it might be a good gauge of popularity to assess the frequency of searches on google for some of the top clubs - the answers are slightly surprising, we think. Check out the charts below, which compare the global search frequency of Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool:


Manchester United is massively more popular on this basis than any of the other big clubs, indeed than all the other three put together. This is partly because it has become a worldwide brand, and interestingly some of the more popular areas of search are in Africa, so not necessarily the most commercially interesting.

This is a subject we intend to return to, looking at popularity by country and some other breakdowns, with a first glance at the UK.

Here is the first instalment, with a zoom in on the UK over the same time period. Here Liverpool's popularity becomes much more obvious, although it begs the question as to how many Liverpool supporters look for their club on google rather than going direct to the bookmarked club website and or their favourite blogs. A key stat here - in May 13, the frequency of search for Manchester United in the UK was still greater than the other three clubs put together; indeed the other three together were three quarters of the Manchester United level. 

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