Premier League Report


Over 50 financial parameters 

The report includes rankings and comparisons for the Premier League Clubs on a wide range of different measures. The 50+ financial parameters are charted for all 20 EPL clubs. It's the most penetrative analysis of Premier League football finances ever produced, we believe. Essential reading for football club executives, bankers, investors and fans concerned about the impact of Financial Fair Play rules on their clubs.

Comprehensive Analysis

The Premier League Report is the most detailed analysis of the winners and losers in the Premier Profit League.

A Detailed Picture of Finance

The Premier League Report charts a wide range of financial ratios for all the Premier League clubs and includes the rankings used to derive our Premier Profit League. It also analyses the EPL on total and the average club, looking at profitability, cash generation and the balance sheet. Clubs records on team investments and player trading are closely scrutinised.

Our Premier League Report ranks the 20 clubs on a range of measures covering all aspects of the game's finances. See how your team ranks on a range of objective measures - how much has each seat in the stadium cost and how much revenue is extracted in every game. What has it cost your club to produce each point, analysed between transfer fees, wages and other costs; the wages bill is even analysed looking at the estimated cost of fielding the first team for each club. 


Our detailed charts clearly illustrate the relationship of financial performance and on-pitch performance and how the different clubs compare - look at the difference in League position and wages bill between Aston Villa and Everton in this chart, for example.

The analysis is exceptionally detailed, drilling down as far as the real profits made on player trading, player contract life and other parameters not previously explored in any of the research we have read. This report will open the eyes of even the most experienced football commentators.

We explore in detail how the Premier League clubs might fare when the new Financial Fair Play rules are applied - only 4 clubs pass all the UEFA and Premier League tests.

A special feature looks back at the transfer market over the last decade and examines the financial performance of the different League constituents (>30 clubs) in the transfer marekt and comes up with some surprising conclusions.