Premier Profit League

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What is the Premier Profit League?

The Premier Profit League ranks all the clubs on their financial performance, as well as their on-pitch performance. We rank the clubs on 25 different parameters, such as turnover, profit, wage bill etc. We then weight each parameter and total all the results to get the financial winners and the relegation candidates.

How to view it

The overall results are free, you simply need to register. A confirmation will be sent to your email address; simply click on the activation link and you will then be given access. 

Want to see more?

If you would like to see all the detailed rankings for all the individual clubs, we have a page which lists the different measures used to generate the overall scores; for each measure, we rank the 20 clubs. You can buy access here.

What's included?

We rank the clubs on a range of factors including

League position
League goals
Group Turnover
Group Pre Tax Profit
Operating Profit Margin
Wages + amortisation to revenue ratio
Average Salary
Average matchday revenue per seat per season
Growth in wages bill
Cost of the team
Cost per stadium seat
Net debt
Wages bill per point
Matchday + commercial revenue/employee

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