Services for Corporates

We offer a range of services to corporates, from competitor and industry analyses (including unquoted players), to management information for executive and non-executive directors. Our rigorous analysis is informed, independent, and impartial. 

Examples of the sort of work in which we engage include

Industry studies

Competitor financial analysis

Management information for executives

Independent information for non-executive directors

Company valuations

Simplified accounts for employee communications

Tenant analyses

There are 3 common themes across the above

Rigorous financial analysis
Accurate data
Clear presentation

Elsewhere on this site you can find details of our industry reports, and more detail on the type of quality analysis we produce. The key reasons to use us are:

We are independent and impartial: Our only interest is in offering unbiased, impartial and honest advice. We have no incentive to advise you to engage in a transaction, whether it's a float a takeover or a buyback - we shall give you impartial advice

Our analysis is rigorous and the output simple: We take pride in doing detailed work, but producing output that is easy to assimilate.

Industry Studies and Competitor Financial Analysis

You don't need a management consultant to tell you about your business. What might help, however, is discussing the prospects with an independent analyst who can spend the time you may not have to research the outlook and to produce comparative data on your business vs your competitors. As an example, our analysis for the proprietor of a medium sized retailer showed how his company stacked up against a chosen group of 10 competitors on a range of key metrics such as:

Gross margin
Sales per employee
Sales growth
Sales per outlet
Duration of lease commitments

A key point to emerge from our market research is that in most private companies the owner knows his industry inside out; he does not need analysis of his competitors’ businesses, he just needs to understand which are enjoying success in particular financial parameters. We therefore don’t need to invest significant time in understanding the industry, we simply need to produce reliable financial indicators, which means the delivery of appropriate financial information at a sensible cost.

We can produce significant industry studies covering a large number of companies at a sensible cost by publishing the results at a later date, after our client has had time to digest the information. Our currently available industry reports can be seen on the individual industry pages of the website (see sub-sites on the main menu). We can also produce industry reports on request either for the whole industry or a particular geographical area or companies of a particular size range. If we are able to offer these reports for general sale, this can reduce the costs of production, and quite significant studies can be performed at a reasonable cost.

Currently industry reports are available on

Football - The English Premier League

Brewing - The UK Private Brewers

The Legal Profession - Solicitors (coming soon)


Management Information

Years of drawing Excel charts mean that we understand how to present information. It's astonishing how a few simple changes can take a monthly board pack from dull and difficult to quick and informative. 

Independent Data for non-executive directors

Our affiliated operation Independent Insight produces a monthly information pack and annual or bi-annual assessments for non-executives on larger quoted company boards. Non-execs or NEDs are subject to stringent legal requirements and are at personal risk if these requirements are not adhered to, and hence the provision of reliable and independent information is an important facet of governance.

Simplified accounts for employees

We specialise in producing simple to understand financial information. We can distill a set of accounts into a format that is simple, comprehensible and even entertaining. Examples are available on request for companies with a large workforce.

Company valuations

We can produce private company valuations for transactions or similar purposes. Our affiliate, Hardman & Co, has a range of specialist analysts covering sectors outside our specialism.

Tenant analysis

Our tenant analysis examines a tenant's willingness and ability to pay an increased rent - creditworthiness reports from the leading agencies are superficial.  "Seeing the Tenant Analysis Report made me realise how superficial the analysis in our industry has been to date." Trevor Silver, CEO Landid and former CEO Akeler Group.

Case Study

An example of the sort of work we can perform in the unquoted arena is an analytical tool which we developed for one of the big 4 audit firms. The UK’s Senior Partner was concerned that the firm was seeing an increased level of litigation risk and was looking at how they could best protect themselves by identifying potential issues and at the same time improve their productivity.

Our solution was a tool which all their audit teams could use at the commencement of the year end audit. The tool takes the draft accounts and identifies anomalies, potential issues, and key areas of risk. Using a graphical interface, anomalies are clearly flagged. The tool has afforded the audit teams a major productivity boost as it allows senior members of the team to focus on areas where there is a real risk of mis-statement.

We have a similar tool for investors in quoted companies – the tool identifies a company’s financial quality. Its graphical interface clearly flags anomalies and is constructed in various modules including balance sheet analysis, indebtedness or leverage, operational gearing, and even cooking the books!