Brewers Report


In conjunction with Dryburgh Research Ltd, we have produced an Overview Report on the UK's largely unquoted brewing sector. Our analysis here is not as extensive or detailed as our conventional reports nor do we list the financials for all the companies we discuss. Instead , this report – available at a much lower price than our usual analyses – simply argues the merits of investing in a private brewing company. 

Our main contention is that brewers tend to be stable, low-risk businesses. Moreover, the discount available for an unquoted investment can, in certain cases, offset the limited liquidity. 

This 28 page report examines: 

The pros and cons of this type of investment and the financial characteristics c.50 companies with an average turnover of c£50m. 

Operational trends - recent and expected longer term trends in UK beer consumption, with a close look at both opportunities and risks, and which specific consumption patterns will drive the industry’s outlook.

Industry-specific trends - highlighting the cask-conditioned ale and premium bottled ale segments, now dominated by family brewers and the new breed of microbrewers. Here our discussion of the most successful cask and bottled ales, regional volumes and the performance of cask ales offers insights into some of the larger family brewers. We also look at the government tenanted pubco consultation (BIS) and what that might mean for the brewing industry overall. 

Track record - some 60 UK private brewers currently have an aggregate annual turnover of c£9bn. We dissect trends in their turnover, operating profit, EBITDA, and margins, as well as the industry balance sheet. 

This report is a must-have for anyone involved in the UK brewing industry, whether as a participant, purchaser, or supplier. Further information is available on request, please just email us.