We are a research consultancy, with our roots in equity research. We are now applying the skills we have developed in that environment to a wider audience. The core of our offer is investment research, applied to unquoted companies as well as quoted companies.

This 2 minute video explains what we do.

The links on this page are directed at different types of potential client, but the research work is essentially the same. Our skills are in analysing companies' accounts. We are widening the scope of our work to include the analysis of social media and similar data but the analytical process is very similar.

We are also applying the lessons we have learned in fund management to offer specialist services to equity managers.

The products we offer include

Industry reports - financial analysis of an industry & its main participants

Industry reports - social media analysis

Industry reports  - sector specific data eg demographics

Analysis of quoted stocks (through an affiliated company)

Training for equity analysts

Research model design and financial health check tools for asset managers

Tenant analysis - a report for a landlord on a tenant's ability to pay the rent both in terms of its cash flow and balance sheet and its competitive position

Independent data for non-executive directors

Simplified accounts presentation for employees

Valuation of companies - for example, to settle disputes etc

More information is available either by clicking on the links for the different types of customer above or by reviewing the site content or by simply emailing us with a specific request.