Our training module is directed primarily at professional investment analysts. It's not easy, and it's designed to help experienced equity analysts hone their skills. It is however adaptable, and with the aid of an instructor, it can be used for a wider audience.

Equity Analyst Development

Our training module is designed for asset managers and is for experienced equity analysts only. It’s a tool to help an analyst improve his fundamental analytical skills or to help management assess them. It can be used to evaluate an existing or potential member of your team or as a development tool to help your team improve their abilities.  As a development tool, your analysts can assess their own performance; as an evaluation tool, you can assess their performance or we can do it for you.

The module is a fun experience, and it’s simple to use. It takes the form of a case study of a semi-fictitious company. The module sits on our website with a shortened 10-K style filing and a few straightforward questions. It takes a couple of hours for a competent and experienced analyst to complete, following which self-assessment can be completed in half an hour. Assessment by us or an internal supervisor should take 30 minutes to one hour.

Most asset managers spend a fortune on research, both internally and externally. Yet it’s quite difficult to develop your staff, except at more junior levels. Portfolio managers receive on-the-job training all day and every day, and so do analysts, of course; but while a fund manager generally learns lessons painfully, analysts need not learn ALL their lessons that way. It's possible to develop skills in a Research department, and lessons learned can save the fund money. Our module is not easy, and your analysts will certainly learn something.

If you are one of the majority of asset managers which spend huge sums on the research team, yet have a training budget of virtually zero, please consider giving us a trial. Research skills can be learned, honed, and advanced at a relatively limited cost. To find out more, please contact us.