Consultancy Services

We specialise in the effective and simple presentation of complex financial information, whether to unskilled employees or senior management. We provide a service for directors of major companies, giving them an independent update on strategy and progress, as well as looking at their business from the perspective of major institutional investors, both shareholders and non-shareholders.

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Bespoke Research

We specialise in complex financial analysis, from corporate valuations to strategic assessments of whole industries. Our blend of experience of quoted companies and knowledge of the unquoted sector is unusual and sets us apart. We have a number of affiliates and partners with whom we work to ensure that we have the relevant industry expertise available on every assignment.

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About Us

Our team of talented analysts, mainly ex hedge fund, corporate finance or sell-side, produces quality and in-depth research. Generally, we endeavour to do all the research ourselves using source accounts documents from Companies House. This is the best way to avoid data quality issues from offshoring or purchased generic data.

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  • Steve Clapham was one of the analysts following when it had a London quote and he is certainly a highly capable and very experienced investment analyst.
    Brent Hoberman, serial internet entrepreneur, Cofounder,, PROfounders Capital
  • Steve was one of the top sell-side equity analysts following British Airways for many years, and his detailed analysis, interpretation and understanding of cash flow and balance sheet, was one of the best on the street.
    George Stinnes, Director British Airways and former Treasurer and Head of Investor Relations
  • Steve is one of the most perceptive analysts I have worked with in 30 years in the industry. Not only does he have a deep understanding of the companies he covers, but he also has the ability to quickly grasp the key issues in a business and find crucial points in a clinical manner which other analysts have missed.
    Keith Hiscock, CEO, Hardman & Co
  • Seeing the Tenant Analysis Report made me realise how superficial the analysis in our industry has been to date.
    Trevor Silver, CEO Landid and former CEO Akeler Group