Interesting websites

Have seen some interesting websites recently which I thought worth passing on....... lists the emails of Chief Executives of most large UK companies and much more. The  creator of the site, Malcolm Williamson, is a thoroughly nice chap and will try to help if he does not have the mail - a useful resource, albeit no guarantee of any response. is a site run by John Rosier, former institutional fund manager and an old friend and former client. His performance has been impressive and his site is a very simple and approachable exposition of his investment philosophy. There are loads of sites like this in the US, but far fewer in the UK. is a site run by Tim Milne, an old friend, and his new "magazine", Container, is a collection of original physical items. Tim is a real original thinker and a guru on all aspects of print and the use of physical material in a digital world. Container will become a collectors' item.