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We are regularly quoted and featured in the media. Steve has appeared on multiple podcasts, on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and on Real Vision on several occasions, and our work is widely quoted in leading media from the Financial Times to the South China Morning Post, including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Times, the Sunday Times and many more. Steve also regularly writes a column for the UK’s Investors Chronicle and Moneyweek magazines.

Steve appears on Real Vision with Christian Alexander

Stephen Clapham is no stranger to investing and portfolio management. Using his 25-year industry experience as an investment analyst, Clapham founded Behind The Balance Sheet, a universe of learning material that helps investors make informed decisions.

Steve appears on the Compounding Curiosity podcast

Steve is a former partner of a Tiger Cub and former Head of Research at a second multi-billion hedge fund. Nowadays, he is the founder of Behind the Balance Sheet, where he produces investment research and offers training services. Steve is also the author of the book, The Smart Money Method: How to pick stocks like a hedge fund pro.

New Zealand Herald quotes Steve Clapham on Trump’s finances

Donald Trump has been toying with bankers for decades. He bashed Wall Street during his presidential campaign, then filled his cabinet with ex-Goldman Sachs executives. He sued Deutsche Bank during the financial crisis, then publicly defended his lender of choice when he became president.

Accounting schemes at Chinese Tech Giants

My interview with Kyle Bass on the Chinese tech companies and their aggressive accounting has now been published on YouTube. Kyle Bass is well known for having a negative stance on China and the tech stocks are no exception, but it’s worth watching.

Book Review: The Smart Money Method

Richard Gill, CFA, reviews The Smart Money Method, where author Stephen Clapham provides investors with the insider stock picking techniques used by top hedge funds.

BBC Podcast

BBC Radio 4 Today January 4. DIscussion of the year ahead featuring Steve Clapham on the panel, from 19m30s in.

Working With Tiger Cubs & Spotting Frauds w/ Stephen Clapham

This episode is brought to you by TIKR. Join the free beta today at TIKR.com/hive. They’re constantly releasing new updates that make the platform better including a new Business Owner Mode that hides share count, market cap and enterprise value. I couldn’t be more excited to partner with TIKR.

Picking stocks like a pro (Podcast)

Picking stocks like a pro, investments relevant to the UK’s 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars, Tesla in demand again and potential capital gains tax changes.

Why Chinese Internet Companies Are Tough To Analyze (Podcast)

The IPO of Ant Financial will go down as one of the most extraordinary deals of all time. And in general, Chinese internet companies have been huge winners in the post-crisis period. But what does it take to really analyze the quality of their businesses? On this episode, we speak with Stephen Clapham, a forensic accountant, and the founder of Behind The Balance Sheet, who explains why understanding what’s really going on with these companies is so tricky

Ideas Farm: Do Your Own Research

There is an illuminating illustration of the time cost of research in the soon-to-be published book ‘The Smart Money Method’ written by Steve Clapham, a former top hedge fund analyst and founder of training and research firm Behind the Balance Sheet. Mr Clapham puts the hours needed to really get to know a company at about 100 plus. He then breaks down the hours a professional analyst needs to monitor routine announcements during a year, getting to a total of 16 for European stocks (eight for the annual report, four hours for interim results, and two trading updates requiring two hours each)

CFA UK Journalism Awards 2020 winners announced

The winner for the Value and Transparency category went to Steve Clapham contributor to Investors Chronicle and Algy Hall for their article Four simple ways to fix audits, which set out steps to improve audit quality in the UK by examining high-profile corporate failures.


Stephen Clapham, founder of Behind the Balance Sheet, analyzes the unique challenges that companies worldwide are facing during the ongoing pandemic.

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