Premier League Report

The Premier League Report is the most authoritative analysis yet published of the finances of the Premier League clubs. See 50 different parameters charted for all 20 clubs.

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Individual Club Reports

Our Club Reports tell you everything you wanted to know about your clubs' finances. The wages bill, the directors' pay, the debt and the profits. But we also show the remaining years on the players' current contracts, the real profit or loss selling players, and much more.

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Premier Profit League

Our Premier Profit League is a league table of the most successful clubs on the balance sheet rather than the field.

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  • I have known Steve Clapham for over twenty years, and he was one of the top analysts covering BAA plc during my time on the Board. The directors always had a high regard for the quality of his financial analysis.
    Brian Collie, Chairman McArthur Glen and Jurys Inns Hotels, Non-executive Director at Expansys plc and former Retail Director, BAA plc
  • Steve was one of the top sell-side equity analysts following British Airways for many years, and his detailed analysis, interpretation and understanding of cash flow and balance sheet, was one of the best on the street.
    George Stinnes, Director, British Airways, and former Treasurer and Head of Investor Relations
  • Really find this fascinating and also fun. What a combination. (What one hedge fund manager thought of our club reports).
    Dr Savvas Savouri, Partner/Chief Economist, Toscafund Asset Management LLP