Club Reports

"Really find this fascinating and also fun. What a combination......."

Our Club Reports tell you everything you wanted to know about your clubs' finances. The wages bill, the directors' pay, the debt and the profits. But we also show the real profit or loss selling players, the crucial judge of a manager's ability, and much more. Here is what one reader told us...............

"Having most likely spent your hard earned money supporting and following your club, here is a chance to see just how much value for money your club is giving. They have tried to get to the bottom of the facts, including looking at multiple accounts - hiding the truth about their finances is the most professional of all fouls performed by a club. Anyway, I am confident they’ve got to the truth of not only Arsenal's accounts but the whole league, which means you can see financial matters in the same league table type style you’re used to seeing for the measurement of performance on the pitch. “

The reports are 14 pages in total and cover turnover, the investment into the team, the cost base, profitability, indebtedness and cash flow. There are two formats: the first is our single club format which shows a single club vs the average vs the other 19 clubs; and the second format is a derby format in which traditional rivals are compared off the pitch, again in the context of the average club and the other 18.


Total football turnover

Gate receipts



Average revenue per seat per home game

Team Investment

Average cost of the team 

Net player spend


Staff costs per point

Staff costs plus player cost per point

Staff costs vs League position

Staff + player costs vs league position

Staff costs + player costs vs revenues

Change in average salary

Average salary vs % football staff

Club exposure to Financial Fair Play Rules

Total costs per point

Total costs per goal


Adjusted football profit

Adjusted football operating margin


Financial debt

Total debt including season ticket advances etc

Cash Flow

Financial debt to EBITDA

EBITDA minus net player investment

This is the first time that such comprehensive analysis of Premier League clubs' finances in the context of the peers has been made available to fans. The reports are in simple English (or as simple as we can make it) and the graphical representation is clear and easy to read.

It's also the first time that a financial analysis firm has assessed how the Premier League clubs fare with respect to the new UEFA Financial Fair Play rules. We have assessed whether each club would be likely to have passed each of UEFA's tests, if the tests were applied to this season. The first time the rules will be applied will be in 2014 using the financial results for 2012 and 2013. See how your club might have fared.

Buy the report on your club now and see how the manager is performing off the pitch.