Company Reports

Our reports on individual law firms give a wealth of information about turnover, profitability, number of partners, leverage (fee earners to partners), overhead ratios, balance sheet ratios etc. We also detail pay, including average partner pay, highest paid partner, average employee pay, and much more. These reports are ideal for customers, suppliers and current and potential employees.

These reports can be produced on an individual firm or, more usually, comparing an indvidual firm with its imemdiate peer group. An example can be found in our Magic Circle Sumary Report, which is available free of charge on our website for a limited introductory period. This is a sample of the type of analysis we can perform, although it's obviously in abbreviated form.

To learn more about what we can offer individual firms looking to undersatnd their financial performance relative to their competition or pirvate equity firms looking to take a stake in an existing law firm, please contact us at

Our charges will vary depending on the number of firms selected for the review, the type of fuirm, and number of years history required. We base the charge on an hourly rate for the work involved.