Top 250 List


It’s summer 2014 and we are finishing off a major project to record the top 250 incorporated firms of solicitors in the UK. The Behind the Balance Sheet Legal Top 250 is very different from other surveys in that it’s entirely factual – there are no estimates or unauthenticated disclosure by unincorporated firms.

It’s true that our list excludes unincorporated firms, such as Slaughter and May, but our intention is to include such firms in our next edition. Interestingly, though, our list even without unincorporated firms, is a more precise representation of the top 200 firms than other existing rankings – the number of incorporated firms included in our list but omitted from other rankings is greater than the number of unincorporated firms which we miss out.

We plan to include firms’ turnover, operating profit, the number of employees, possibly the number of partners and some other previously disclosed information. Please email us at if you have any suggestions as to financial parameters which you would like to see included.

Please register your interest to be alerted when our report is published or feel free to email us at for more information.

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