We have had very positive feedback on our one to one coaching programme, which was originally aimed at younger analysts at larger institutions. Here, we work with an analyst on a project, and help accelerate their progress up the learning curve. We do this for staff at various levels, from 1 year experience to those who have passed the CFA qualification, but are keen to develop their skills. All participants have found it extremely useful and of course it has the additional significant benefit of saving senior analysts’ time.

The programme has now been extended to corporate executives. As an example, we trained a senior manager at a major client, who has a legal background, and had never studied finance. We did a crash programme on how to read company accounts, how to analyse businesses, and how to present financial figures effectively to potential investors. The client, who had been promoted to a very senior role which involves making significant investments, dedicated two hours a week and benefited enormously, as after teh programme, he felt much more comfortable on all aspects of finance relating to his new role. The benefit to the client is immeasurable, but clearly huge.

Another example of our coaching clients was a senior analyst at a $50bn institution. We helped by working through a number of investment projects, highlighting the issues we identoified, and assisting in the decision whether to recommend a purchase. The client benefited in a much faster climb up a steep learning curve in a new area.

Each coaching assignment is specific to the client and individual and is totally confidential.


“Stephen is a fantastic educator, mentor and sounding board. Having worked together for 12 months I feel more confident in my reasoning, lucid in my analysis and secure in my theses. I would thoroughly recommend him for anyone thinking of one-on-one or group tuition.”

Senior Executive, KKR