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So you’d like to become an equity analyst? Or perhaps you have already got that first job in a hedge/long only fund and you would like to fast-track your career.

Awesome! Starting your investment career is an exciting journey, but there is more noise than constructive advice on offer.

The Analyst Academy Pro has all the great content of our highly successful Analyst Academy course, but with extra material designed to help the professional analyst develop the skills necessary to do research as a profession, including:

  • • How to write a research note
  • • How to craft and deliver a stock pitch
  • • How to visualise data
  • • How to build a robust financial model
  • • Introduction to Forensic Accounting
  • • Hedge fund specific issues to master
  • • Additional dedicated webinars


Course Information

Analyst Academy PRO was created with the aspiring analyst in mind. If you’re:

  • • a university graduate looking for a role in investment management
  • • a student with a plan to become a hedge fund manager  
  • • a junior analyst wanting to accelerate your career development

this 6-month program is the course for you.

  • Work at your own pace. There are hundreds of video lectures and articles to read, multiple quizzes and 37 hand-picked exercises, to help you gain the investment skills you need for your career choice.
  • • Clear instructions on how to apply your knowledge. You’ll get step-by-step walkthroughs showing you how to apply what you learn in class in real-life scenarios.
  • Exclusive access to an interactive investment community, where you can discuss coursework with myself and trade ideas with your fellow classmates.
  • Office hours with Steve to give you the opportunity to ask questions and get advice on your course work.

What you’ll learn


You will understand the 3 key financial statements and how to analyse them.


You will learn a framework for picking stocks, identify winners and reject losers.


You will learn how to value different businesses using a range of practical valuation tools.

Modelling and More

How to visualise data and build a 3 statement financial model.

Write Research

How to produce a winning research note.


How to produce a killer stock presentation.


The AA Pro Includes the Analyst Academy content plus additional modules as summarised below:

1.  Understanding Accounts

We explain how to approach a set of accounts, go through the balance sheet in line-by-line detail, explain the P&L, cash flow as well as the audit report, accounting policies and notes, all with a worked example.

2.  How to Pick Stocks

We explain the research approach Steve used at multi-billion hedge funds, from how to find ideas, how to check they are valid before doing the detailed research on the industry, company and management. We cover the issue of business quality in detail.

3.  How to Value Stocks

We cover valuation theory, but more importantly how to value stocks in real life, explaining which multiples to use when, and covering a range of valuation techniques.

4.  How to Construct and Maintain a Portfolio

We explain how to assemble a robust portfolio and how to keep a watch on it, and issues like what macro economic factors are important, when to use technical analysis and most importnatly, when to sell.

5.  Putting All This Together

In the final section of the AA course, we go through what has been learned using a series of practical examples and case studies, drilling down further into some of the topics.

6. Professional Skill Development

In this section we cover basic principles of writing and presenting and then refine this into writing a research note and presenting a stock pitch. We also cover the mechanics of financial modelling, and data analysis and presentation.


  • Part 1 – What is a Value Investor
  • Tenets of Benjamin Graham
  • Value Investing
  • Growth Investing
  • Great Investors
  • Part 2 – Introduction to Accounting
  • Introduction to the 3 Primary Financial Statements
  • Accounting Jargon Explained
  • Part 3 – How to Analyse Accounts
  • A Walk Through One Company’s Accounts
  • Ratio Analysis
  • A Successful Investment – Routes to Price Appreciation
  • How to Find Ideas
  • How to Test the Investment Hypothesis
  • Assessing a Company’s Quality – Compounders and Moats
  • Analysing the Industry Sector
  • Analysing the Company
  • Evaluating the Strategy
  • Assessing Management
  • Company Financials
  • Valuation
  • Valuation Theory
  • Enterprise Value
  • Stockmarket Multiples
  • Other Valuation Techniques
  • More Sophisticated Valuation Approaches
  • Technical Analysis
  • Final Decision
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Risk Management
  • Portfolio Maintenance
  • Macro – Economics and more
  • Disruption
  • Behavioural Finance
  • ESG

Why hedge funds are different
Importance of consensus
Variant perception
Profit forecasting
Preparing for results
Results: on the day
Keeping the PM informed
Building a network

  • ESG – What you need to know
  • How to construct a profit forecast
  • How to build a robust model
  • How to write a research note
  • Macro – Economics and more
  • How to prepare a stock pitch
  • How to present a stock pitch

Who this course is for?

Students or graduates wanting to kickstart their investment careers or junior analysts seeking to accelerate their progress. 

But don’t take my word for it!

Take Michael Fahey’s word! Michael is an experienced Wealth Manager who bought his first stock after the market crash in 1987! Listen to him giving Steve an honest appraisal of his experience on the Analyst Academy – the 12-month sibling course to Analyst Academy PRO.

Disclaimer: Michael has no connection to Steve, other than as a student, and has not received any benefit for participating in this video.

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A course by Steve Clapham

I’ve been working in the investment industry for 25+ years, and I decided to put my experiences to good use and train the current and next generation of investment analysts, private investors, and portfolio managers.

I’ve trained hundreds of analysts at some of the world largest investment institutions and I currently run multiple courses with hundreds of enrolled students on a variety of investment topics.

I’ve also written the Amazon #1 bestseller, The Smart Money Method, How to Invest Like a Hedge Fund Pro, and I work with 1:1 coaching for investment professionals.

I can teach you how to invest like a professional investor.

Analyst Academy PRO gives you everything you need to kick-start your career in the investment world, including self-paced training, interactive webinars, group feedback sessions and access to a community of investors willing to share their advice and experiences with you.


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