analyst academy

The advanced training you need to become a better investor.

Taught by the trainer of analysts at multi-billion-dollar funds.

30-day money-back guarantee

analyst academy

The advanced training you need to become a better investor.

From the trainer that billion-dollar hedge funds use to teach their best.

30-day money-back guarantee

Become the best investor you can be.

Analyst Academy will give you the tools and expertise you need to supercharge your investing career. Stephen Clapham is a trainer trusted by elite hedge funds, and this course distils his top-level training into accessible on-demand modules.

This is a flagship course designed for investors and analysts of all backgrounds. Having said that, it’s not aimed at beginners. By taking this course, you state your ambition to become a truly serious investor.

This 12-month subscription gives you the chance to dramatically improve your investment skills over the course of the next year. Go at your own pace through thirty modules and 500 lessons, speaking with Stephen in regular Q&A sessions.

With membership to the Analyst Academy Investor Network included, this course gives you everything you need to learn fast.

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Analyst Academy is designed for serious investors of all backgrounds and nationalities.

Professional Investors

Equip yourself with the skills
you need to reach the summit
of your profession.

Private investors

Master the tools used by the
world's most successful
investment vehicles.


With a group plan, empower
your analysts to uncover
another layer of insight.

Developing the instincts of a hedge fund pro is hard. You will be challenged. So if you’re looking for quick riches on the next tiny stock, ready to explode 10,000% - please look elsewhere. This course isn’t for you.

Instead, it’s for those who understand: all great rewards demand effort. This is for serious people, interested in making serious money.

Stephen Clapham
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30-day money-back guarantee

Advanced insight, practically delivered.

Thirty modules, all available on-demand
Lessons from the summit of professional investing
Live Q&A sessions with Stephen
Access to the Analyst Academy Investor Network

Explore everything inside the new Analyst Academy today. You’re under no obligation. If you don’t like it, cancel within 30 days for a full refund. But be aware - this is the only online investment education of its kind.

In over 30 years’ experience, including as Partner and Head of Research at huge multi-billion dollar funds, I was responsible for enormously high-stake positions. Sometimes 9-figures on a single stock. As a trainer, top firms like Schroder’s, Fidelity and Baillie Gifford deploy me to train their analysts.

This is the only course of its type led by an experienced trainer who has reached the summit of investment analysis.

Stephen Clapham

What you'll learn in the Analyst Academy

Accounts are daunting to the untrained, but offer outstanding and fast insight to those who know. In this section Stephen shows you how to approach them, the balance sheet, P&L, cash flow and audit report, accounting policies and notes. All with fascinating worked examples.

In this section Stephen explains the research approaches used at multi-billion hedge funds. How to find ideas, how to check they are valid before going on a deep-dive, company and management. We cover the issue of business quality in detail.

Your guide to the proper valuation of stocks. Starting with a two-parter on valuation theory, and how to value stocks in real life. Stephen explains which multiples to use when, and covers a range of valuation techniques for different circumstances.

How to assemble a robust portfolio and how to keep a watch on it. An in-depth study addressing factors like macroeconomics, when to use technical analysis and most importantly, when to sell.

Stephen Clapham, a world-leading analyst & trainer.

Steve is the founder of Behind the Balance Sheet. Following a 25-year career as an investment analyst, Steve decided to put that experience to good use and train the next generation (or sometimes the current generation) of investment analysts, private investors, and portfolio managers.

Steve’s experience includes working on the ‘sell side’ for a number of investment banks, and the ‘buy side’ as a partner at two multi-billion dollar hedge funds. Steve’s book, The Smart Money Method, How to Invest Like a Hedge Fund Pro is an Amazon #1 Investing bestseller.

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