Bespoke Research

In addition to quoted company analysis, we specialise in complex financial analysis, from corporate valuations to strategic assessments of whole industries. Our blend of experience of quoted companies and knowledge of the unquoted sector is unusual and sets us apart. We have a number of affiliates and partners with whom we work to ensure that we have the relevant industry expertise available on every assignment.

Our core analytical expertise lies in the B2B space, and we have the longest experience in UK and US stocks. We also have extensive experience in Asia and consumer sectors. We have zero knowledge and understanding of sectors like banks, insurance and pharmaceuticals, but our colleagues at sister company Hardman & Co, the leader in Corporate Research, may be able to help with assignments in these sectors. We shall only take on work where we are confident of our ability to deliver quality research for clients.



Case Study

An example of the sort of work we can perform in the unquoted arena is an analytical tool which we developed for one of the big 4 audit firms. The UK’s Senior Partner was concerned that the firm was seeing an increased level of litigation risk and was looking at how they could best protect themselves by identifying potential issues and at the same time improve their productivity.

Our solution was a tool which all their audit teams could use at the commencement of the year end audit. The tool takes the draft accounts and identifies anomalies, potential issues, and key areas of risk. Using a graphical interface, anomalies are clearly flagged. The tool has afforded the audit teams a major productivity boost as it allows senior members of the team to focus on areas where there is a real risk of mis-statement.

We have a similar tool for investors in quoted companies – the tool identifies a company’s financial quality. Its graphical interface clearly flags anomalies and is constructed in various modules including balance sheet analysis, indebtedness or leverage, operational gearing, and even cooking the books!

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