Top20 Podcasts

Our pick of investing podcasts plus a few more, worthy of mention.

Podcast Mic - Behind The Balance Sheet
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Behind the Balance Sheet

Interviews with leading investors and commentators.


By Stephen Clapham

Description & Steve’s take

Not an accounting podcast but a discussion between real investors and an experienced practitioner designed to inform as well as entertain.

Hey it’s my podcast, of course I think it’s good.


Capital Allocators 

In-depth interviews with managers and allocators.


By Ted Seides

Description & Steve’s take

Through conversations with leaders in the money game, we explore how these holders of the keys to the kingdom allocate their time and their capital.

Ted Seides has great guests and is a master interviewer.


Coffee with the Greats

In-depth interviews with investment managers and business people.


By Miles Fisher

Description & Steve’s take

What does it mean to be great, and how do we get there? Join host Miles Fisher as he sits down with some of the most accomplished and notable people to unpack and understand this age-old question.

Good guests, good interviews. Some close connections make guests relaxed.

4 granst podcast

Grant’s Current Yield Podcast

Debt analysts discuss markets and issues.


By Jim Grant and Evan Lorenz

Description & Steve’s take

You’ve read their writing. Now hear their voices. Listen to Jim Grant, Evan Lorenz and guests talk high finance, Grant’s-style, with plenty of wit and historical context to enliven the discussion.

Jim Grant is one of the oldest and smartest analysts around. Topical discussion and great guests. Helpful for an equity analysts to hear the credit perspective.


Invest like the Best

In-depth interviews with investment managers and entrepreneurs.


By Patrick O’Shaughnessey

Description & Steve’s take

Invest Like the Best is a series of interviews with leading investors where we capture and share some of the best stories and insights on business and investing.

Fantastic guests, laid back interviewer, hungry for knowledge. Enjoyable.

6 masters in business

Masters in Business

Interviews with business leaders.


By Barry Ritholtz

Description & Steve’s take

Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.

Varied and impressive guest list, and good interviews, if only he wouldn’t say “interesting” as often.

7 masters of scale

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Interviews with iconic leaders and rising stars of scale companies.


By Reid Hoffman

Description & Steve’s take

Masters of Scale is an original podcast in which LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman sets out to describe and prove theories that explain how great entrepreneurs take their companies from zero to a gazillion. Most episodes begin with an entertaining tale that sets the stage for Reid to reveal a new theory about scaling. It then unfolds like a detective story as he tests and turns the idea with some of the most iconic masters of scale on the planet. At the end of each episode we come full circle to where we started – a notion, theory, or hunch that starts to make a lot of sense. Much more than just an interview show, this is a genre-defining series on how to think boldly and differently about the world.

Hoffman treats the podcast like a lecture so you don’t miss any points – useful, albeit less relaxing.

Odd Lots

Topical subjects reviewed.


By Tracy Alloway & Joe Weisenthal

Description & Steve’s take

Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway go deep into complex issues and the latest markets crazes.

Amazing breadth of subjects. Great to have two interviewers, both excellent journalists. Exposure to stuff you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of. This is a show many professional investors listen to.


Stratechery Podcast

Tech strategy podcast


By Ben Thompson

Description & Steve’s take

Podcast to accompany the famous Stratechery newsletter which discusses technology strategy.

What more to say – it’s Ben Thompson.


The Acquirer’s Podcast

How the Contrarians of Deep Value Beat the Market


By Tobias Carlisle

Description & Steve’s take

This is a podcast about finding undervalued stocks, deep value investing, hedge funds, shareholder activism, buyouts, and special situations. We uncover the tactics and strategies for finding good investments, managing risk, dealing with bad luck, and maximizing success.

Tobias is enjoyable to listen to, finds some interesting guests and has a strong value bias. And a sense of humour.

11 grant williams

The Grant Williams Podcast

Understanding the world of finance.


By Grant Williams

Description & Steve’s take

In 2020, I stoked the fire of my passion for interviewing brilliant people by launching The Grant Williams Podcast. Alongside my own interviews, I added three additional streams, each with a fantastic co-host: The End Game (with Bill Fleckenstein), The Super Terrific Happy Hour (with Stephanie Pomboy), and The Narrative Game (with Dr. Ben Hunt).

Sadly, now only for subscribers but bound to still be good. Grant is super smart, likeable and a great interviewer.

12 investros p[odcast

The Investors Podcast

We Study Billionaires is the flagship show.


By Stig Brodersen and Preston Pysh

Description & Steve’s take

The Investor’s Podcast Network is an exclusive business podcast network. Since 2012, we have been guiding investors and business people of all levels on how to grow financially and personally.

This is one of the most popular of the investing podcasts. Too simplified for me but the occasional excelelnt guest.


The Knowledge Project

A podcast about mastering the best of what other people have already figured out.


By Shane Parrish

Description & Steve’s take

The Knowledge Project focuses on insights and lessons that never expire. You’ll walk away from every episode with actionable insights that help you get better results and live a more meaningful life.

Shane Parrish is the outstanding interviewer of today, and is a keen learner. Invariably educational.

The Money Maze Podcast - Behind The Balance Sheet

The Money Maze Podcast

Interviews with investors and managers of asset management firms.


By Simon Brewer

Description & Steve’s take

The world of finance has a huge impact on all of us. Created by two industry veterans, this show aims to explore and unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the investing business. Through direct, entertaining and insightful interviews with masters of the real life money maze, we hope to learn about different approaches to allocating capital, making business decisions, and navigating the pitfalls that line the paths to prosperity. Along the way, you’ll find out more about the inspiring and varied career journeys undertaken by our high-profile guests. Whether you’re a current investment professional, a student exploring career options, or just someone with an interest in the stories behind some of the most influential names in business, we hope you gain some helpful insights and enjoy the shows.

Simon has a great Rolodex and explores the person as well as the views. Co-founder Will Campion is a former colleague of mine and has a great Rolodex also.

The Prof G Pod - Behind The Balance Sheet

The Prof G Podcast

Professor Galloway reviews curent topics.


By Scott Galloway

Description & Steve’s take

We live in a winner-take-all economy that’s bifurcating into those who are part of the innovation economy and those who aren’t. Every week best-selling author, professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway answers questions from you (his listeners) on who’s winning and losing, and how you can get ahead. Other professors, practitioners, and entrepreneurs join Scott to contribute ideas, alternate opinions, and insights to help you thrive at work. Tune in for a no mercy, no malice take on how you can level up your game in the world of business.

Very opinionated and worth listening to.


The Tim Ferriss Show

Often the #1 business podcast on Apple .


By Tim Ferriss

Description & Steve’s take

Each episode, I deconstruct world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more.

Highly entertaining and Ferriss is an accomplished investor so his interviews with investors have real educational value.

17 Value_Team_Podcast_300x300

The Value Perspective

The Value Perspective Podcast


By Schroders

Description & Steve’s take

In our podcast series, we’re taking a look at decision making in complex and uncertain environments.

Occasionally brilliant, as ever depends on the guests.

18 boyar podcast-logo

The World According to Boyar

Interviews with important business leaders and investors.


By Jonathan Boyar

Description & Steve’s take

The World According to Boyar podcast brings top investors, best selling authors, and market newsmakers to show you the smartest ways to uncover value in the stock market.

Some great guests and Jonathan is a smart practitioner.


What got you there

Podcast focuses on the journey behind some of the world’s most successful people.


By Sean Delaney

Description & Steve’s take

What Got You There is a podcast on a mission to share the wisdom learned on the journey of some of the world’s most successful people, uncovering the strategy, tactics, and routines that helped them get there

Some interesting guests, often at the fringe of investing or outside.

20 wolfpack pod

Wolfpack Research

The I Hung Up on Warren Buffett Podcast


By Dan David

Description & Steve’s take

Our podcast will take you inside the world of activist short-sellers, global finance, politics, social issues and sports. Our brash, unfiltered style leaves no doubt in the listeners ears that we are advocates of free speech.

Dan is a great guy, very opinionated and always interesting.

That’s our top picks, here are some others we love!

a16Z podcast

The go-to place for discussions about technology, innovation, and change as it impacts all our lives.
By Andreesen Horowitz

Description & Steve’s take

As technology changes everything—not just in Silicon Valley or in traditional “tech” companies but across all industries—it’s also changing the way we all work, live, eat, learn, and play. Our network of shows aims to help make sense of it all: for builders, for the tech curious, for anyone seeking to understand the future, now.

Futurists. I use this to dig into venture related topics.


Every company has a story.
By Ben Gilbert


Learn the playbooks that built the world’s greatest companies — and how you can apply them as a founder, operator, or investor.

AJ Bell Money and Markets

Topical UK markets podcast.
By AJ Bell


The Money & Markets podcast brings you the latest personal finance and stock market insights to help you manage your investment portfolio.

Art of Boring

Be Boring. Make Money
By Mawer IM


Art of Boring was created for curious and passionate investors. We share strategies, frameworks, and insights to help readers and listeners make better investment decisions. Our aim? To provide some bottom-up, long-term investing signal to cut through the short-term noise.

Bulls, Bears, and Bourbon

The Investing Show with a Buzz
By James Vermillion


We’re taking the edge off investing with fun conversations, special guests, current events, investing tips, and more. This new-school financial podcast will focus on innovation-based investing strategies and disruptive technology, all with a little buzz. Based in Kentucky, we’ll sip on excellent bourbons and discuss pertinent topics with fun and interesting people. Nope, this isn’t the stuffy financial discussions you’re used to, this is new-school investing, with a twist. So break out your favorite bottle, relax, and join us. Cheers!

Business Breakdowns

Analyses of a single business.
By Patrick O'Shaughnessey

Description & Steve’s take

Business Breakdowns will dive deep into a single company with investors and operators that know it best. We believe every business has secrets and Breakdowns is here to highlight them.

Some great guests explaining businesses in detail. Inconsistent though.

Business Wars Wondery

Comparison of competing companies.
By David Brown

Description & Steve’s take

Business Wars gives you the unauthorized, real story of what drives these companies and their leaders, inventors, investors and executives to new heights — or to ruin.

Interesting to compare businesses in a sector.

Capital Employed FM

We talk to renowned equity investors about their favorite stocks
By Jon Kingston


From active fund managers operating billion dollar funds to private micro-cap investing super stars, we interview them all. Capital Employed FM is a great resource to learn about funds, companies, industries, and for finding new investment ideas.

Compounders: The Anatomy of a Multibagger

Cove Street Capital Portfolio Manager, Ben Claremon, interviews public company executives to understand how successful leaders compound shareholders’ wealth over time.
By Ben Claremon


Welcome to the Compounders Podcast, where we explore the anatomy of public company wealth creation stories. On this show, we invite you to be a fly on the wall for the actual conversations professional investors have with public company CEOs. Through a series of interviews, we will learn about how to create a compounder—a sustainable company whose success builds upon itself—by hearing about the real-life experiences of leaders who run smaller-cap public companies.

Conversations with Tyler

On the Conversations with Tyler podcast, esteemed economist Tyler Cowen engages with today’s most underrated thinkers in wide-ranging explorations of their work, the world, and everything in between
By Tyler Cowen

Description & Steve’s take

You can’t imitate a worldview. But you can form your own by listening and learning (and learning how to listen). On the Conversations with Tyler podcast, produced by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, celebrated polymath and academic economist Tyler Cowen explores the minds and methods of today’s top thinkers. Tyler’s intense research leads to stimulating and surprising questions that provoke guests into deep examinations of their work and how they see the world. Eager to exploit their insights? All you have to do is listen. I’m your host, Ben Claremon, a partner and portfolio manager at Cove Street Capital. In these conversations, I interview public company senior executives by posing the exact type of questions I ask as part of Cove Street’s diligence process. By talking to people who operate within a wide variety of industries, we will dig into the holistic aspects of company building that you are not going to hear anywhere else. Whether you are a professional investor, founder or someone who is simply interested in business, we think this podcast has something for you.

Some terrific guests

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

Topical discussion of investing by the GS team.
By Goldman, Sachs team

Description & Steve’s take

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs is a podcast where experts from around the firm discuss developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy

Interesting guests, sometimes interesting interviewers but rarely controversial

Finding Mastery

Finding Mastery explores how the best in the world master their craft
By Dr Michael Jervais


Host and high performance psychologist, Dr. Michael Gervais, interviews people excelling in the most hostile environments to discover the mental skills used to push the boundaries. Each episode features inspiring stories from the world’s best athletes, brilliant business minds, and the musicians and artists changing our perspective of what’s possible. Thoughtful, spontaneous, and engaging, Dr. Michael Gervais provides insights to help listeners live connected to their potential and pursue their very best.

Focused Compounding

Value investing podcast
By Andrew Kuhn and Geoff Gannon


Focused Compounding is a podcast for buy and hold value investors.

Founder's Field Guide

In-depth interviews with founders.
By Patrick O'Shaughnessey


Founder’s Field Guide is a series of conversations with founders, CEOs, and operators building great businesses. This series is dedicated to stories and lessons from builders of all types.

Hardman Talks

The EIS Navigator Podcast
By Brian Moretta

Description & Steve’s take

Our fortnightly podcast following the UK venture capital industry. Dr Brian Moretta explores small growth companies, as well as the funds and people who invest in them.

I was on the podcast, and I am an investor in Hardman. I believe in disclosure.

HBR Idea Podcast

Business and management podcast.
By Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch


A weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management.

Hedgeye Real Conversations

Markets review
By Keith McCullough

Description & Steve’s take

Hedgeye’s Real Conversations series, hosted by CEO Keith McCullough, brings together the brightest minds in the business to cut through the noise and discuss the financial market moves that actually matter.

McCullough is a slightly Marmite character but has strong views and is always interesting.

How I Built this with Guy Raz

NPR Business Podcast
By Guy Raz


Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.

Infinite Loops

Interviews in an individual style
By Jim O'Shaughnessy

Description & Steve’s take

Sometimes we get caught up in what feels like infinite loops when we try to figure things out. Markets go up and down, research is presented and then refuted, and we wind up right back where we started. The goal of this podcast is to learn how we can reset our thinking on issues that leaves us with a better understanding as to why we think the way we think and how we might be able to change that, to avoid going in infinite loops and thoughts. Hosts, Jim O’Shaughnessy and Jamie Catherwood, hope to offer you a fresh perspective on a variety of issues and look at them through a multi-faceted lens. Including history, philosophy, art, science, linguistics, and quantitative analysis. And help you become a better investor and also a more nuanced thinker.

O’Shaughnessey Sr is a likeable character and this podcast is filled with his personality.

Intelligent Investing Podcast

Eric Schleien interviews great value investors from around the world.
By Eric Schleien

Description & Steve’s take

An investing podcast for rational minds. A no-bullshit conversation about value investing and intelligent behavior in business.

Occasionally interesting insights.

Investing by the Books

Interviews with authors of investing books.
By Eddie Palmgren and Niklas Sävås

Description & Steve’s take

A podcast to educate sophisticated and aspiring investors. We believe books are an excellent source for timeless knowledge, enhanced through deep conversations with authors and other guests.

Some good authors on the show.

Investors Chronicle

Topical discussions
By The Alpha Podcast

Description & Steve’s take

Used to be conducted by John Hughman and Phil Oakley. Now mainly IC Interviews.

Disclosure: I was on the podcast and I now have a column in the magazine. They are good journalists and sometimes get really interesting guests.

Macro Voices

Market comment and commentator interviews
By Erik Townsend

Description & Steve’s take

Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics.

I don’t listen to the market commentary which focuses on the short term. But great guests and simple questions – how can I make money?

Market Champions

Schoolboy interviews investors , asks good questions
By Srivatsan Prakash

Description & Steve’s take

This podcast is about being able to successfully navigate the markets with some of the most successful people in the industry.

I have to recommend this as I was on the podcast, but it’s really good. He is still at school, seriously. Amazing.


Magazine podcast
By John Stepek, Merryn Somerset Webb

Description & Steve’s take

Varied podcast with some excellent guests

I was on the podcast to publicise my book. They often have excellent and unusual guests.

Rich Pickings

Asset allocation podcast.
By Fidelity

Description & Steve’s take

Welcome to Fidelity International’s monthly asset allocation podcast hosted by Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief. Each month we dive into the latest market trends with Fidelity’s asset allocation group, asking them how they’re positioned and why. What will the portfolio managers reveal about their investment strategies? What are the team’s hot cakes this month? And what would they drop like a hot potato

Good discussion among the team about what to do – useful.


Subscription blog and associated podcast.
By David Kim


For investors and analysts who are dissatisfied with lopsided and sensationalized research, provides honest and balanced analysis of business models, with a special emphasis on companies with sustainable competitive advantages. You should treat my posts as case studies. I’m not a salesman trying to sell the machine; I’m more like an engineer trying to explain how it works. If you’re looking for hot stock tips, scuttleblurb is not for you.

Shares for Beginners

Don't forget that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.
By Phil Muscatello


Even if you don’t want to invest directly in the share market, it’s important to know how investments work. By listening to this podcast you’ll learn about: What’s going on in your superannuation fund. What questions to ask a financial adviser. Where to invest your hard-earneds. Thinking for the long term. Because I’m not an expert, I ask the questions that others won’t ask. My guests are always challenged to simplify and explain what is often confusing and full of impenetrable jargon.

Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking

Views from a growth manager.
By Baillie Gifford

Description & Steve’s take

Baillie Gifford’s Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking bring valuable insights into the benefits of taking the long view. You’ll hear frank, thought-provoking opinions from our team in Edinburgh and experts around the world.

You just have to listen to the best growth investors in the world.

State of the Markets

Home of the Financial & Media Podcast.
By Tim Price & Paul Rodriguez

Steve’s take

Tim Price is a highly opnionated Marmite character – you love him or you hate him. Occasional interesting guests, and always a snappy dialogue.

The Business Brew

In-depth discussions about investing.
By Bill Brewster


This podcast’s mission is to dig deep into the thought patterns and analysis of investors and business people. The podcast stemmed from Bill Brewster consistently feeling like he was listening to prepackaged material while listening to podcasts. Instead, he wanted long form, in depth, discussions about finance, capital allocation, and the psychology of investing/business.

Joseph’s view: Bill Brewster launched his own podcast in late 2020. The Business Brew goes deep into the minds of top investors and business people. Not just on matters of business, but on matters of life as well. Bill comes across as a perfectionist and I especially enjoy how natural the conversations are. Which definitely leads to deeper insights from the guests.
Joseph suggests: This Podcast

The Judgment Call

The Judgment Call Podcast
By Torsten Jacobi


A podcast where we talk to risk takers, adventurers, investors, travelers, entrepreneurs and simply mind bogglers.

The Market Huddle

Weekly market action discussed
By Kevin Muir and Patrick Ceresna


Join Patrick and Kevin every weekend when these two traders discuss the week’s action in the markets – always keeping the other’s feet to the fire for bad calls – yet hopefully having some fun while learning a little something in the process.

Joseph says: a really enjoyable listen. This weekly show is recorded on a Friday night with beers in hand. This ensures a fun and easy going vibe, but don’t let that fool you. This is a serious show with great guests most weeks. These include a regular spot from the writer of Adventures in Capitalism, Harris Kuperman (Kuppy).
Joseph suggests: This Podcast

The Meb Faber Show

The focus is on helping you grow and preserve your wealth.
By Meb Faber


Each week I’ll discuss the craft of investing, helping you uncover new and profitable ideas in the global equity, bond, and real asset markets. You can also expect to hear from some of the top investment professionals in the world as my guests. So join us for real market wisdom that can make you wealthier and wiser. Better investing starts here.

The Memo with Howard Marks

The Memo by Howard Marks
By Howard Marks

Description & Steve’s take

On October 12, 1990, Co-Chairman Howard Marks published his first memo to clients. In the decades since, he has periodically released memos reflecting his viewpoint on the investment landscape, as well as more general business insights. On this podcast we’ll hear the latest memos by Howard, released in tandem with or shortly after their publication.

I read the memos – quicker and easier

The Price to Value Podcast

Perspectives from a value investment firm
By Southeastern AM


This podcast series is for people interested in hearing Southeastern’s take on topics that are top of mind for our clients and how they may impact our portfolios, from our Business, People, Price perspective.

This week in Intelligent investing

Topical discussion of investing by professional investors.
By MOI Global


This Week in Intelligent Investing examines timely and timeless investment topics to help you become a better investor. Enjoy authentic, unscripted discussion, featuring Chris Bloomstran of Semper Augustus Investments Group, Phil Ordway of Anabatic Investment Partners, Elliot Turner of RGA Investment Advisors, and other thought-leading investors.

Value Investing with Legends

In-depth interviews with investment managers.
By Tano Santos

Description & Steve’s take

Hosted by Tano Santos, the David L. and Elsie M. Dodd Professor of Finance and faculty director of the Heilbrunn Center, in this podcast you will hear from some of the world’s greatest investors, their views on the investment management industry, how they developed their investment process and how they see the field changing over time.

This is quite academic for me, hence not one of my favourites.


Brandon Beylo of Macro Ops interviews fund managers
By Brandon Beylo


The Hive is a collection of investors, entrepreneurs, thinkers and individuals dedicated to getting a little smarter each day. If you’re a fan of value investing, business models, eclectic success and failure stories — this is your podcast. Our goal is to provide you the highest quality interviews with new twists on old topics. Fresh perspectives on antiquated ideas. Passionate discourse on all things investing.

Joseph says: this show does a great job of shedding light on overlooked parts of the stock market. Brandon has attracted a host of interesting and knowledgeable guests. With a particular knack for giving Fintwit’s smartest users a voice. If you want to widen your investing horizons, this is worth a listen.

Wall Street Lab

Leonardo Severino, Lukasz Musialski and Andreas von Hirschhausen
By Team


A podcast that explores the world of finance from an insider perspective. The hosts, Lukasz Musialski and Leo Severino, interview top financial professionals in the fields of private equity, hedge funds, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, venture capital, management consulting, trading and many more. The themes range from investment related topics, financial markets and news, career development in finance, favorite books, personal habits, just to name a few.

Yet Another Value Podcast

Interviews with money managers.
By Andrew Walker

Description & Steve’s take

A new podcast from, Yet Another Value Podcast will dive deep into interesting investment ideas with savvy investors.

Andrew has some interesting perspectives. Enjoyable.

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